Private Label & Export Sales

Private Label & Export Sales

Mountain Gold Honey – our natural wonder, gathered with care and delivered from the flower to you.

New Zealanders have enjoyed the amazing taste and benefits of our own Manuka Honey since 2009.

Many international buyers have been loving it since 2018, when our first export consignments arrived at overseas destinations. Since then, global consumers have shown an ever-increasing interest in Honey/Manuka Honey products that have health benefits.

Private Label & Export Sales


Looking to Stock & Sell Manuka Honey?

Our goal is to build long term business partnerships with established importers, so if you have a passion for an amazing product and would like to work with us, then please get in touch.

Whether it is importing and distributing our own Mountain Gold Honey brand, Manuka Honey with UMF certification, or you would like us to package under your own brand, please get in touch and we can discuss how we can work together.


Why Choose Our Honey?

Mountain Gold Manuka Honey.

Do you have a need for our high-grade Manuka Honey as an ingredient in skincare or food products?

We can supply this too with UMF certification.

Completely Natural.
Nothing has been added to it at any time. Once packed into pots it is labelled and ready to be enjoyed.

UMF Certification
Mountain Gold Manuka is approved for producing and exporting Manuka Honey by the New Zealand Government Ministry of Primary Industries, and these approvals also involve regular compliance and audit inspections of our facility. - Learn More

Processed in a certified RMP extraction facility.
The manuka honey (in the frames) is taken to a certified RMP extraction facility where the honey is spun out of the frames in a centrifuge.

This honey is then filtered to remove any little bits of bees wax that may come off the frames during the centrifuge process.

Healthy & Happy Bees
Let's not forget the bees. We as bee keepers care for the bees, providing them with everything they need to enable them to collect nectar from the flowers of the Manuka Trees. We care for the bees, ensuring they are healthy and happy all year round.

Why Choose Our Honey


Shipping & Packaging

We can ship our products to you ready-packaged in jars with our labels, or we can package using your own brand labels. Should it be required then we can also supply you with bulk Honey for you to package locally.

We have great relationships with international freight forwarders, so we can also offer competitive rates on air and sea freight.

For further information please contact us below.